Beef Cattle

Canadian beef enjoys a worldwide reputation for quality. The advantages of Canadian beef breeds include high profitability and value, excellent animal health, high eating quality, shelf life and appearance, and excellent beef nutrition and lean meat.


  • Calving ease and strong calves
  • Excellent maternal traits
  • High fertility and productivity
  • Adaptable to different climates
  • Efficient feed conversion
  • High quality, tender beef

  • Moderately sized with low maintenance
  • Efficient feed conversion
  • High fertility
  • Excellent maternal traits
  • Long-living and docile temperament

  • High quality beef
  • Large muscled
  • High performing
  • Strong robust cattle

  • Fast growth development
  • Large stature
  • Good maternal traits


Canada has been performance testing in the beef industry for decades. The beef industry is presently testing for Average Daily Gain, Rib Eye Area, Back Fat, Birth Weight, Calving Ease, Weaning Gain, Yearling Gain, and Post Weaning Gain. Expected Progeny Differences (EPD) are developed for each of these traits. This allows the beef producer to better select the herd sires and foundation females to continuously improve their herds to gain efficiencies to make them more profitable.

By selecting breeding stock from IGL you can benefit from years of genetic testing. Our beef cattle on test are gaining over 2.4 kgs per day and have weaning weights over 325 kgs with large Rib Eye areas.


  • All cattle are leucosis negative.
  • Cattle will be tested to meet the health protocol for the importing country.