Yes, there is. To find this information please visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website at: Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Yes, we provide technical support before and after the sale. IGL has a team of qualified consultants who can assist with facility design, equipment purchase, genetic breeds and quantities required, biosecurity systems, nutrition requirements, mating programs and breeding, care and management of animals. IGL can tailor a specific training program to meet each of our customer’s needs.

Yes. IGL tests our swine on the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement genetic evaluation system (BLUP system). Our animals are evaluated at the national level and compared with genetics all across Canada. With regards to dairy cattle, Canada tests on the most sophisticated system in the world called the Test Day Model. This milk recording system has been used in Canada since 1999 and records over 75% of all dairy cows in the country.

Our swine facilities are isolated on Prince Edward Island that has a 13 km bridge separating it from the rest of Canada. Our farms require all workers to shower in and shower out. IGL animals can be selected from inside a state of the art viewing room.

For our swine operations we use outside semen purchased from other AI centres across Canada. Also, IGL has an exclusive arrangement with Waldo Genetics to utilize their Duroc, Yorkshire and Landrace semen in our herds to make genetic improvement. IGL also has their own AI centre where we are continually making semen available to our facilities from new boars frequently throughout the year. The boars in our AI centre rank very high on the Canadian Swine Improvement Centre’s testing program. Canada is a leader in making dairy and beef genetic improvements. We have been genetically testing our dairy and beef cattle for decades.

Yes. For some countries depending on the health protocol, you can mix species.

The animals are typically insured for the duration of the trip plus 15-30 days after arrival to the destination farm.

Depending on the species the quarantine period in Canada is usually between 21 and 30 days. There is typically another quarantine period required by the importing country upon arrival of the animals.

Yes, you can come to Canada to select your own animals. IGL is happy to host your visit and often contributes to the costs of accommodations, meals and transportation while in Canada to select animals.