Dairy Cattle

The Canadian dairy industry is well-known for the high genetic quality of its herd as well as its established dairy cattle improvement and genetic evaluation programs. IGL supplies embryos, live cattle and genomically tested, superior bulls and females.


  • Superior milk producer with excellent udders
  • High yield
  • High quality milk
  • Will last many lactations
  • Outstanding feet and legs
  • World Renowned

  • Excellent producer of milk with high percentages of fat and protein
  • Higher priced milk
  • Efficient feed conversion
  • Low maintenance
  • Great feet and legs
  • Outstanding udders
  • Highly profitable


Canada has been testing their dairy genetics since 1999 on the “Test Day Model”. This is the most sophisticated method in the world. Over 75% of the dairy cows in Canada are on milk recording and 90% of all cows are bred using Artificial Insemination.

In Canada, genetic evaluation includes testing for the following:

  • yields for milk, fat and protein
  • fat and protein deviations
  • somatic cell score
  • lactation persistency
  • 29 conformation traits including function traits such as herd life, milking speed, calving ability, daughter fertility, and milking temperament to name a few.

Canada has also been a leader in genomic testing since 2008.

Canadian Holsteins now average almost 10,000 litres over 305 days with 3.8 F and 3.2 P.

Canadian Jerseys now average over 7000 litres during 305 days with 5.0 F and 4.0 P.


  • All cattle are leucosis negative.
  • Cattle will be tested to meet the health protocol for the importing country.