Training & Support

IGL prides itself on our follow-up services and builds long-term relationships with all of our customers around the world.

We can offer technical assistance in all areas of swine production. With our close working arrangement with the Atlantic Veterinarian College (AVC), IGL is able to offer courses in swine nutrition, genetic selection, health, bio security, housing and management. We can work with you to develop the best program from conception to completion whether you want or have a small family operation or a large fully integrated swine production system.

Profitable production requires high-level management. We provide detailed information about care and management of all our products via reports, training manuals, newsletters and e-mails. Customized support is always possible upon request.

IGL has a wide range of consultants that are always available to work with our customers to make each and every client’s operation the very best in the production of a safe, high quality source of food.